Application Control System

The patented TASKI IntelliFlow™ delivers the proper amount of cleaning solution and water onto the floor according to the speed of the machine. As the operator slows down, the advanced system adjusts in real time to use less solution—substantially decreasing water consumption, reducing time-consuming tank fills, and lowering costs. That means faster cleaning with consistently dry floors and sustainable value for your business.

The IntelliFlow™ advantage

Without TASKI IntelliFlow™, solution is delivered unevenly. As the machine slows in turns, more solution is released per square foot, causing puddles, wasted supplies and more frequent tank refills. TASKI machines with IntelliFlow use speed-dependent application technology to always deliver a consistent amount of solution per square foot, decreasing the number of tank refills and wasted water.

TASKI IntelliFlow™ substantially decreasing water consumption, improving efficiency and delivering environmental sustainability.

Superior performance all-in-one system.

  • Almost immediate, allowing for faster, consistent dry times
  • Substantial cleaning solution savings vs. conventional machines
  • High quality and consistency of cleaning result