A single pad to cover 80% of your floor cleaning tasks

TASKI IntelliPad is a premium 2in1 floor care pad for both cleaning and burnishing protected and unprotected resilient floors.

Developed to provide superior and consistent cleaning performance, it also enhances the clarity and gloss of treated floors.

Its versatility and simplicity bring efficiency for end users and cost savings for you. Manufactured from post-consumer and industrial recycled waste, IntelliPad will also enhance your sustainability profile.

High quality, consistent results, simply and sustainably.

  • Reduces number of required floor care pads by 70%
  • Delivers 3.5 times more cleaning than a standard red cleaning pad
  • No training needed
  • Only order one product for most common cleaning tasks
  • Unique diamond formulation increases durability
  • Removes micro-scratches from floor coatings reducing dirt embedment
  • Formulated to work with all machines (scrubber drier, single disc)
  • Perfectly integrated to the TASKI intelligent solution range

up to 50 000m2 (500 000sqft) cleaned with one pad